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The Single Biggest Marketing Advantage LASIK Plus, TLC or LVI Have Over Private Practices

An Automated Email Lead Follow-up System

The majority of people searching on the internet are not only immediately ready to have surgery or even come in for a consult. They are simply exploring the possibilities of LASIK (or any other elective procedure) and, until they gain enough confidence that no harm will come to them and, they think they can afford it, they are not going to take the first major step which is coming in for a consultation.  If you haven’t already watched our video on the educational process that an elective surgery prospect goes through, do so now.

That’s why the national chains invested tens of thousands in developing an automated email follow up system that keeps their practice at the top of the minds of every prospect that has shown interest.

So, how do you compete?  The first step is to be capturing the email addresses of each interested prospect.  The second is to develop an email follow up system that is automated (sends out the emails at specific time intervals so you don’t have to remember to do it).  We all know that the first thing to go when you get busy is follow up, emails and calls.  Make this system work regardless of your busy practice.

The emails themselves should address your prospects hot buttons or issues.  They should educate them and not push the sale.  And, equally important, they should be easily read on mobile devices.  People read their email on smartphones more often than a standard computer so ensure that they can read what you send.  

We have designed this system time and time again for practices, for multiple specialties.  If you would like to learn more about what options are available and how to nurture your leads, give us a call (303-731-2634).  Or, schedule a one-on-one call with us today.