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HIPAA Compliant Forms

Protect Sensitive Patient Information

At Fast Track Marketing, we are dialed in to the data security changes that are constantly evolving – especially in regard to HIPAA compliance. We offer easy-to-use HIPAA compliant webforms that are encrypted and pass through a secure, encrypted server. We can also convert any of your existing webforms to be HIPAA compliant or you can upgrade your patient forms to an online version as well.

This is important because patients completing forms on your website may share very detailed information about their medical conditions or overall health that could fall into the wrong hands. Our system acts as a security safety net for both your patients as well as your practice.

We Act Fast When Changes Happen

As changes in data security occur, our experienced team will alert you about new rules and make edits to our forms as necessary. You can rest easy knowing that Fast Track will be working for the security of your practice and your sensitive patient information.

Let Fast Track Marketing create HIPAA-compliant forms to your website. Contact us today to see how quick and easy it can be! Call Brandi at (303) 731-2634 or schedule a meeting online.