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Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising Still Works in Certain Markets

Fast Track has a team of creative and experienced copywriters who can write and produce innovative spots for radio, television and print ads for your practice. In fact, we produce literally hundreds of radio spots and print ads for our clients every year.

Radio & Television

Radio and TV advertising can be extremely effective in producing leads for elective surgery practices. The trick is to develop ads that differentiate you from your competition – especially since so many practices promote similar services and offers. Our team can provide you with ad scripts and storyboards that will get noticed by the unique listeners and viewers in your area.

Media Negotiations & Placement

Once you have decided to pursue radio or TV advertising, you need to decide where and how often you want your ad placed. Negotiating reasonable rates while getting optimal times and placements for your spots can be more difficult than you might imagine. Fast Track’s experience in dealing with media outlets gives us an advantage in knowing how best to negotiate with them. Our research will pinpoint your target market’s listening and viewing habits so your ads are placed where, when and how often they should be in order to produce the best results for your practice.

Print Ads

We have been producing elective surgery print ads for our clients since we started our business in 2004. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, yet highly professional and effective, ad design and messaging that will speak to your prospective patients’ hot buttons. The goal behind every ad is to motivate people to take notice and make a call to your office. You don’t have to hire a full-time marketing team to create your ads and you don’t have to rely on substandard graphic design from the publications from which you advertise. With our affordable solutions, you can put your very best face forward in print. Best of all, we can handle the details for you.

Let Fast Track Marketing help your practice create effective traditional advertising. Contact us today to see how stress-free it can be for you! Call Brandi at (303) 731-2634 or schedule a meeting online.