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Patient Referral System

Make Patient Referrals Quick & Easy for Other Doctors

The easier it is for other doctors to refer patients, the more revenue your practice will generate! This is because patients referred from other doctors are typically high-quality leads that automatically trust your practice because they trust their doctor’s recommendations. 

Our PatientSend Referral System

We have developed PatientSend, a patient referral system that makes it easy for other doctors to securely refer patients to your practice.

  1. ODs refer a patient to your practice for specialized treatment through the secure online form.
  2. Your practice receives an email notification that you have a new patient.

Referring doctors can also easily request an update on a referred patient at any time. The higher-level Gold Plan also allows you to send the referring doctors a secure and password protected .pdf file of the patient’s treatment information (once treatment is complete).

  • 100% HIPAA-secure
  • Easy to use
  • No login required
  • No passwords required

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