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Take Your Leads from Interested to In Your Office

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Take Your Leads from Interested to In Your Office

Once you’ve enticed people to visit your website, your practice needs to motivate them to take action. This can be done in a variety of ways (and Fast Track Marketing has the expertise to easily make these happen for you):

  • Website Conversion Tools: your website should include compelling, interactive tools for people to stay and ultimately take action.
  • Drip Email Marketing: once you gather contact information, you can remind them about how your services will improve their lives. 
  • Educational Tools: most people want to research procedures on their own, so provide them with online and printed resources that they can review and share with their loved ones.
  • Training: your internal staff should have sales skills to help potential patients overcome their objections to surgery.
  • Competitive Analysis: it’s good to know what your competitors are saying about their procedures so you can differentiate yourself.

We Can Boost Your Lead Conversion Percentages

Fast Track Marketing has a proven track record of improving lead conversion for medical practices across the country. We will assess your current conversion rates to use as a benchmark and then identify areas for improvement. We will make recommendations and allow you to choose how you would like to proceed.

Let Fast Track Marketing help your practice convert more leads. Contact us today to see how stress-free it can be for you! Call Brandi at (303) 731-2634 or schedule a meeting online.