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Many “Cold” Leads in Your Database Are Actually Warm – Even Hot!

A huge percentage – some say 90% – of people who contact your elective surgery practice via phone or online, aren’t really ready to take action. They are fishing around to get information, maybe because a friend or family member suggested they look into a specific elective surgery. In fact, it may take them several years to make a decision.

How often do you “talk” to the leads in your database? Do you follow up (calls or emails) for just a few months, then drop them if they don’t schedule a consultation right away?

You may think reaching out to these people will be a waste of your staff’s time and effort. Actually, it’s these people who need more education and little nudges to help them understand how elective surgery can change their lives. If you do that effectively and without coming off as too pushy, they will consider you the expert and will choose you when they are ready to move forward.

Elective surgery is not an “impulse” buy! Something may prompt people to inquire about your services, but if you don’tcontinually remind them that they want/need what you provide (and remind them for years), they will simply become a placeholder in your database.

Did you know that every single person out there falls into some point on an Educational Spectrum? You have to know just where each one of your leads is on that Spectrum in order to be truly effective in keeping those leads awake.

There are ways to turn those cold leads into hot prospects. It takes a little time, but once you get all of the pieces in place, this system will become second nature to your staff.  We are talking about consistent patient interaction by way of weekly/monthly friendly phone calls and educational emails…even when things become crazy-hectic in your office. You need to become the trusted expert and the information resource for these potential patients.

We’ve developed an automated email and lead follow-up process, called MAP (Marketing Automated Program), that keeps a constant flow of “touches” to leads in your database. This is not a one-size-fits-all program; it’s tailored to talk to your leads according to where they are in their decision-making process.

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