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How To Guarantee A Better Future for Your Elective Surgery Practice

When marketing, practices typically focus exclusively on the “Now Buyer”, the patient who is ready to decide today, but factually only 5% of inquirers are ready to have an elective procedure immediately. The other 95% are “Future Buyers” who need nurturing and reassurance before they will come to a decision.

The good news is that these folks are the future of your practice – if you have the systems in place that will eventually lead them into your reception area.

With over 75% of the adult US population going online with their queries, to ensure a better future for your practice, you must have:

* A persuasive and easy-to-navigate internet presence including effective SEO
* Relevant site content including keywords and hot buttons
* An automatic follow-up system that will guide inquirers to the inescapable conclusion that you are their best choice of surgeon

Fast Track Marketing’s Internet Suite will arm you with:

– Precise and effective SEO
– Effective web content built around keywords and long tail keywords
– A powerful presence on all major search engines
– An automatic follow-up and results monitoring system that can save you up to 60% of lost traffic

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