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Your Guide to Crush Those 2024 Marketing Goals

We have outlined 5 key areas to audit to set your practice up to crush your marketing goals in 2024. You’ll want to do an in-depth look at a few core areas to see how they performed and what areas need to be worked on.

There is no time like today to dive in so let’s get started!

1. Online Presence

Your online presence is the first chance you have to make a great 1st impression, to capture a prospects attention, to have them choose YOU. Take a look at what people see when they search for you and your services. What do you observe? How do you compare to your competitors? Is your information correct, relevant and representing you as you should be? What are people saying about you in reviews?

2. Website traffic

If your online presence has enticed people to take a closer look, people will land on your website. First, look at your website design and content. Does it make you want to explore and can you find what you need to do as a next step? Is it user-friendly and easy to navigate? Can your website be easily viewed on mobile? Now take a look at a few of your competitors. How does your ‘visual first impression’ stack up? Now, let’s see what your Google Analytics has to say about how it’s performing.

3. Patient Experience

Evaluate what your patients or prospective patients are experiencing. Look at both the initial interaction, the phone call, as well as what someone experiences when they walk in your door. Do you come away feeling happy and appreciative of making the choice to call or come to your practice? Delivering a positive patient experience is of the upmost importance. Reviews can make or break a practice’s credibility and therefore plays a big role in lead generation.

4. Social Media

When you look at your social platforms, do they reflect your current brand and target audience? Do they represent who you are? It’s also important to take a moment to make sure your bio, contact information, etc are correct. Now looking at your insights, look to see what type of posts are getting comments and engagements.

5. Lead-Consult-Surgery Volume

Look at this past year, month over month and compared to the years prior. How did you do? What do your trends look like? It’s important to track your lead volume and new patient bookings. The months that you did well, can you recall anything specific that led to it? The months you were lower than you’d like, any specifics?

Each one of these areas play an important role in your practice success. Take the time to see what you have done well and what you have been making mistakes with (yes, we all make mistakes) that have prevented you from meeting your goals.

It’s important to analyze where you have been so you can properly strategize and build a better future. Let 2024 be the year that you crush your marketing goals. We can help in uncovering the areas that need strengthened in order to grow. Schedule a meeting with us or feel free to join us for our upcoming webinar: 5 Steps to Building a Successful Marketing Strategy. We will be going in-depth to helping practices build a strategy to align with their practice needs. Make sure to join!