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What Interconnectivity Means for Marketing Your Practice

Are your elective surgery marketing efforts interconnected with each other? Are you promoting harmony throughout your messages? No, we are not talking about musical chords or meditating yoga poses…we are talking about a consistent message being delivered across multiple marketing mediums.

Every marketing campaign you run to promote your elective surgery services needs to be interconnected across:

  • Dynamic content on your website through blogs, unique landing pages, etc.
  • Social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Traditional and/or internet radio ads like Pandora
  • Email communications
  • Online ads
  • In-office marketing with flyers, posters or brochures
  • Outbound public relations efforts with local businesses, radio stations, TV stations, etc.

There are an astounding 3 billion internet users in the world – but they don’t all connect or use the internet the same way. So the more ways you promote your campaigns, the better chance you have at breaking through the marketing clutter out there and capturing a qualified lead’s attention.

Equally as important:

  • Your messages must be written in a manner that is interruptive, engaging and time-sensitive. Make sure there is a strong call-to-action in every campaign.
  • Your campaigns should not be “one-size-fits-all” – use different tactics and different messaging to reach unique segments of your patient base (LASIK prospects age 20-40, BOTOX® Cosmetic prospects age 40-60, Mommy Makeover prospects age 30-50, cataract prospects age 60+, etc.)
  • Those messages you deliver must be easily accessed from any size of screen: large PC monitors, mid-sized tablets and small smart phone screens.

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