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Warning: DIY Marketing May be Hurting Your Practice!

To stay afloat (or better yet, to soar) in the highly competitive elective surgery market, you have to be forward-thinking in your marketing strategies. If you want to continually grow your business, you simply cannot allow marketing to take a back seat in your practice.

Many practices realize this already and adopt the Do-It-Yourself marketing route. However, they often thrust marketing responsibilities on individuals who are either overworked, uninterested or who don’t fully understand the intricacies of and constantly changing opportunities in advertising today. Marketing has become more than just creating a poster or calling up an ad sales representative to place an ad.

The last thing you want to do is waste your money on marketing that falls flat. Of course, not every campaign or strategy will produce superb results, but if you have the right processes in place you will be able to immediately make changes and breathe new life into your marketing efforts.

We’ve identified 5 reasons why DIY marketing might hurt your practice; we will be sharing those 5 reasons during our upcoming webinar and private forum.

Some of these reasons may hit home for your practice…or you may realize that you are doing everything just right. Either way, in just 30 minutes you may get some tips to help increase your bottom line.

Register today for “DIY Marketing: Doing Everything Yourself Isn’t Economical” on June 18 at 4pm or June 24 at 12pm. Or register for one of our private forums on June 12 at 3pm or June 20 at 1pm (limit 5 attendees at each session).