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Want More Patients? Audit Your Practice.

As an elective surgery provider, you are faced with the challenge of differentiating your practice from the dozens of seemingly similar practices in your area.  You would never recommend surgery to a patient without first performing a detailed consultation.

Likewise, you should never just continue spending money on marketing and assume it is paying off.  You need to analyze your marketing efforts to ensure that you are making smart choices with your budget and maximizing the efficiency of your practice.

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” – Michael Porter

Without analysis and strategy, your elective surgery practice may end up looking and sounding just like every other competitor in your area.  You must give potential patients reasons to choose you over your competitors – reasons why YOU are the logical choice.

To do this right, you need to:

  • Analyze the external messages you are sending out
  • Track the results of your efforts
  • Continually monitor what your competition is doing and saying
  • Analyze your internal processes in-depth
  • Have a strategic plan in place to meet your goals.

If you don’t make a deliberate effort to audit your processes, you may never even be aware that some of your habits are negatively affecting your practice’s growth potential.

Successful elective surgery practices take time to slow down, analyze their personnel and processes, identify problem areas and make changes…then do it all over again!


…habits!  No matter what you call them, your practice has habits.

The question is:  are your habits creating positive vibes for your practice…or negative ones?  Are they helping improve your bottom line or stagnating your growth?

The problem with answering this question is that habits become so second-nature that we don’t even realize we are doing them.  That becomes an issue when you have had bad habits ingrained into your practice.

Learn where your practice is falling short and where you are excelling so that you can celebrate your success and make changes where needed.

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