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Statistical Tracking of Marketing Efforts

Whether you are a small or large practice, the importance of tracking your marketing efforts is huge and essential to running a successful practice.

Many practices go through the same marketing and advertising process over and over without knowing the true return from their efforts. Sure, there are outside factors like the time of year or a holiday that may influence the effectiveness of a campaign, but if you put forth an effort to track your results, even if it is a low level-effort, you will start to acquire an understanding of what works and what doesn’t and why. Then you can take your tracking to the next level, and the next level after that.

So what is meant by low-level? Low-level tracking would simply be capturing the source of each lead when it is received over the phone or in a consultation. Just ask where they heard about the practice. Then have a pre-configured sheet where you can easily keep track of the number of leads from each advertising source. This effort is the simplest way to get a pulse on the effectiveness of a campaign. It will at least give you an idea of whether or not a particular campaign would be worth the investment again in the future.

The question that has always loomed in the effectiveness of customer responses is whether or not that customer remembers their first exposure to the practice via that campaign, at the time of question. What the consumer reports (TV, a friend, website) could be an influence of what is written on the survey or just the first thing that comes to mind (which could be the last place they heard the message, not the first).

The internet and social media have given us a much more complex marketing landscape than ever before. The boys of Mad Men would be dumbfounded. However, it has also given us the ability to track our efforts with more efficiency and reliability than ever before. This is what is meant by the next level.

Here are some next level efforts you can use to really get a beat on the effectiveness of your marketing:

  1. Make sure you have source coding on the forms within your website
  2. Be active with source coding your Pay Per Click ad messages with the landing pages
  3. Use different QR codes for different sources to see traffic and conversion rates of your various campaigns

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