Create a Unique Facebook Presence

Having a unique and dynamic Facebook site will increase your practice’s presence in the social media world. To do this you need to incorporate specific tools to generate more “Fans.”

  • Patient videos
  • Frequent news and photo posts
  • Incentives for friends of your patients to become Fans of your practice
  • Personalized “Welcome” page

The more Facebook “Fans” you have, the bigger audience you have to spread your word. The ultimate goal is to convert your Fans into patients.

Facebook Stats

  • The fastest growing segment of Facebook users is 35 and older
  • Collectively people spend more than 5 billion minutes each month on Facebook

If your practice doesn’t have the time or know-how to effectively personalize and optimize your Facebook page, let Fast Track show you how.


Get Creative with Patient Experience Videos

If you aren’t using videos to advertise your elective surgery practice, you are missing a huge opportunity:

  • YouTube has over 800 million unique users each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on this site, and these videos are shared over and over on Facebook, Twitter, email and more
  • The world watched 1.46 trillion videos in 2012

Online videos give new life to your patient testimonials. Your patients can express their experiences in video format, allowing you to “advertise” their stories on your website, YouTube or your Facebook page. When search engine optimized, these videos will create more online presence for your practice.

Making videos doesn’t have to cost you much money; in fact, you can get your patients to do most of the work for you. These videos don’t have to be professionally produced, but they do have to be interesting or entertaining.

Let Fast Track Marketing help you create search engine optimized patient experience videos.

Local Business Listings

Think of Local Business Listings as the modern-day form of “Yellow Pages.” The difference is that your elective surgery practice does not have to pay for these listings; in fact, many of these are automatically populated by search engines. And, while this may sound like a good idea on the surface, it can definitely backfire.

Inaccurate and completely incorrect information about your practice may be floating out in cyberspace right now. And the more incorrect information potential patients find, the more frustrated they will become and the less likely they are to become patients.

Fast Track Marketing provides an online monitoring service to help elective surgery practices stay on top of the dozens of local business listings in their geographic area to ensure the information is accurate. (These can change at any time!)

We also help clients claim business listings that are up for grabs on sites like:

  • Google+

Make sure you are accurately represented in Local Business Listings. Contact us to find out how.

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