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Why SEO is a Marathon – Not a Sprint: A Case Study

At Fast Track Marketing, when we launch a new SEO client, we always tell them that SEO is like fitness training. Think of it this way: your website is your body and Google is the Olympics. You have to train very hard in order to make it to the Olympics. SEO is the same. In both circumstances, you don’t get results overnight.

Just as you would never trust a trainer who would guarantee you a spot in the Olympics, you should never trust an SEO professional who guarantees you a #1 spot on Google. You must also be wary of shortcuts like steroids – or in the case of your website, black hat SEO. Both can get you in serious trouble. (Black hat SEO are tricky and unethical methods used to improve your website’s search engine results. Using these methods can get your website penalized on search engines.)

It’s All About the SEO Base

In order to compete, we have to start with a strong base. For SEO, this is the on-page SEO, the things happening on your website. This includes meta titles, meta descriptions, a user-friendly website, etc.

Once we have a strong base set up, we have to maintain that SEO. Just like our bodies, if you don’t maintain your training, you will lose what you gained. In addition, just like the same exercise over and over will make you hit a plateau, Google wants you to keep your content fresh and relevant so you can’t plateau and must update your website often.

This is why SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time to train and build up your site’s “muscles” in order to see results.

Examples of Real Marathon SEO Results

To bring this analogy to life, we are going to share the results from two of our SEO clients. Both of these clients are in very competitive markets. Both had slow starts in SEO. By giving the SEO process the right amount of time and attention, they are finally reaching the end of the marathon.

Client #1

This client is a dermatologist in Phoenix, Arizona. There are many dermatologists in the Phoenix area, making for a very competitive market. When FTM started with them, they had no website. After two years of gradually improving and maintaining SEO each month, they are currently getting over 1,500 organic visitors to their website each month.

Client #2

When this client started with FTM, they had just built a new website designed by another marketing firm. The site had minimal SEO efforts in place. With our team at the helm, we were able to upgrade different aspects of the website to make it more user friendly and fully SEO optimized. We also began writing monthly blogs for the website. After just 8 months of our strategies, they have 50 of our tracked keywords on Page 1, with 24 of those being in the top 3 positions.


There is Always Another Marathon

While we say that these clients are nearing the end of their marathon, there is always another one for which they can start training. SEO is never truly finished; Fast Track Marketing is prepared to help you train and run alongside your practice through every SEO mile!

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