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Why Sales Training is Important For Your Practice

If your elective procedure surgery schedule leaves you lots of time to check your Facebook account and catch up on your medical journal reading, your staff may need more training. We know the ways to fill up your surgery schedule.

You probably spend a lot of time, energy and money to market your elective surgery practice. Website development, brochures, advertisements and social media are just a few of the combined marketing activities that help drive patients to your door.

People come to your office for Consultations for several reasons:

  • To get information.
  • To get reassurance that they are making the right decision in choosing elective surgery.
  • To be “sold” on the idea that YOUR practice is where they should spend their money.

The bottom line is that your initial, face-to-face potential patient interactions are truly sales processes.  Your marketing efforts will be in vain if your internal staff lack the sales skills necessary to encourage patients to take the “leap of faith” in choosing your practice for their elective surgery.

The effectiveness of your “sales” techniques during the Consultation will either prompt people to schedule a surgery or stop any interest in proceeding with you… possibly looking to your competitor.

Like it or not, your internal team MUST have training in sales techniques in order to effectively convert consultations to surgeries. We know…it sounds odd for medical practice personnel to also have selling skills, but your conversion rates will stay stagnant, drop or be unpredictable if they don’t have these skills.

Where do you start? You can’t just tell your staff to start “hard selling” your practice. That will turn people away rather than entice them in.

Elective surgery sales is a fine line. And we know how to walk it.

This isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Every practice is unique…every practice will have different problem areas that can be identified through observation and improved through training.

We’re not talking hard core, used car salesman techniques. We’re talking subtle but effective methods to:

  • Educate the people who come into your office.
  • Provide facts showing the benefits possible from your services.
  • Show them why you are the very best choice.

The higher your conversion percentages, the better your bottom line will be.

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