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Quiz: How Many Messages Do You See Daily?

Answer: 5,000!

The average person sees an astounding 5,000 marketing messages each and every day. It’s not humanly possible to read – or even to notice – every message you see. We’ve all learned to filter out the irrelevant messages and focus our attention on the ones that “speak” to us.


Self-Assessment:  How do your messages or ads stand out?

Take a look at (or listen to) the latest advertisement you ran for your elective surgery practice. It can be a print ad, a billboard, a radio spot, an online ad…anything. Really look at it. Do you think the ad is compelling enough to make a lot of potential patients raise their hands and say, “Yes, I want to know more about how your practice can help me see better / look better / be more confident”?

Be objective. If you think your ads need a little work, or if you are unsure, we encourage you to contact us to have a strategic marketing plan drawn up to help you truly build your practice.  The formula we use will help your message be significantly more effective.  In fact, our process may even help you double the amount of leads you receive for every dollar you pay for advertising.