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Poor Internet Marketing – Big Mistake

Is your Internet Marketing on Set-and-Forget?

BIG Mistake.

Most practices feel as if marketing itself is a huge project and so therefore, once you get it set up, you can forget it and go back to more important things.  Unfortunately, in terms of today’s marketing, there are no “more important things”, and as far as the future of your practice is concerned’ the only forgetting will be done by the patients who don’t arrive in your practice.

Here’s why an effective internet presence is VITALLY important:

A website that brings you a steady flow of new patients MUST have these four elements in place:

1. Highly Ranked on Major Search Engines – so it’s easy for them to find and choose YOUR site to visit.
2. Attractive But Engaging Design – First impressions make a big difference.
3. Easy Navigation and Effective Content – Help them locate what they’re seeking and provide answers that raise confidence in your practice.
4. Calls To Action – Provide easy low-risk “next steps” that bring them closer to a positive decision.

Marketing is a role that cannot be shifted onto another full-time employee.  If you want to grow your practice, you need to have someone (or a group of individuals) dedicated to researching what the best place to market is, building and implementing the campaigns, and following up to ensure everything is working properly with the occasional tweaks to perfect.  If you don’t have someone in your office to do this, it might be worthwhile to outsource it (or at least some of it).

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