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Plastic Surgery Mobile Search PPC Continues To Rise

Plastic Surgery Mobile Search PPC Continues To Rise

This is a debatable topic in the PPC world:

  • On one hand you have marketers saying the cost of AdWords clicks for a plastic surgery campaign continues to rise higher and higher.
  • On the other hand, the data that led to that conclusion was from 2015 (or even worse 2014) and significant changes have already taken place.

In recent months we have seen the shakeup of AdWords right hand ads and a strong pivot from Google toward mobile optimizations. Not only does this change your search campaign it also empowers the display and mobile options more than ever.

Let’s take a quick look at mobile search in the United States concerning Plastic Surgery:

You can clearly see the rise in interest for Plastic Surgery-based searches on mobile platforms. Queries, impressions and clicks have had a steady rise since 2012 but only recently have they been boosted. That boost is directly related to when Google made its huge changes to AdWords and got rid of the right hand ads. This forced marketers to optimize for mobile, changing ads, links and more.

At the same time, the cost of these ads drastically plummeted. One would suggest that efficiency made its way back into the framework.

Although we are discussing Plastic Surgery-based data, this can be extrapolated and used to create a wider idea of where AdWords is going. All search and the supportive PPC campaigns are moving more and more toward mobile. The future of search looks bright for plastic surgery.

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