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Patient Leads Stagnating? Patient Leads Down? Discover Why.

If your practice has been spending a good deal of money on advertising and marketing, but your patient lead counts are stagnating or down, it’s time to take a step back and analyze your marketing methods.

If you are marketing your practice in-house, and are less-than-thrilled with the results, you won’t want to miss our next elective surgery marketing webinar. We will cover 5 reasons why Do-It-Yourself marketing may be hurting your practice. If you relate to one or more of these reasons, you can take steps to fix the problems and ultimately increase your lead flow.

DIY methods are often more cost-effective when it comes to things like home improvement or crafting. However, when you take marketing your practice in your own hands, you must be sure that you are spending your budget wisely.

This brings up another question: Are you aware of your monthly lead counts and are you tracking how they correlate to your marketing efforts? If you cannot answer this question, this webinar is definitely for you.

Register today for our 30-minute webinar or choose to participate in our private forum, which allows for a more interactive discussion on the topic: “DIY Marketing: Doing Everything Yourself Isn’t Economical.”