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How One Ophthalmologist Successfully Split from a Practice to Start His Own

When physicians walk away from a medical practice, they don’t always get to take their patients with them. This was the case for an ophthalmologist practicing just outside of Orlando, Florida. The doctor was ready to establish a new practice with two locations to serve cataract, glaucoma and general eye care patients, but he needed help to broadcast his brand identity and attract new patients.

The ophthalmologist chose Fast Track Marketing to help him launch his online presence quickly – before his ex-partners could do so. Within 2 weeks, he had a live responsive website as well as multiple digital listings that had patients in his doors on day 1 – even though there was no previous patient database from which to target and schedule.

View the infographic below to see stats on how our team helped this doctor market his new practice by:

  • Creating a responsive website
  • Increasing website sessions
  • Blogging weekly
  • Establishing top SEO rankings
  • Improving search visibility
  • Organizing social media giveaways
  • Sending effecting targeted email campaigns
  • Generating online reviews and Facebook likes


Whether you are planning to start a new practice or simply want to grow your existing practice, Fast Track Marketing can help. We have focused on ophthalmology marketing since 2004. We know how to attract elective surgery patients and keep them engaged with your practice – both online and in face-to-face interactions. We have the tools and experience to skyrocket your practice in 2019 – and beyond. Contact Brandi Musgrave at 303-731-2634 or to start the conversation.