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How One Eyecare Practice Increased LASIK Revenue by 89%

Effective marketing and staff training are two of the best ways to boost LASIK revenue in any ophthalmology practice. However, it’s important to remember that these strategies take time to work their magic (assuming you have hired a team of ophthalmology marketing experts that understand your business and your patients’ mindsets.)

A 2-location ophthalmology practice located one hour outside of Los Angeles put their faith into the team at Fast Track Marketing to grow their practice back in 2013 – and the results over time have been outstanding. View the infographic below to see stats on how our team helped this practice:

  • Increase in LASIK revenue
  • Increase of average price per surgery
  • Improve the cost per surgery
  • Lower revenue allocated to marketing

As you prepare for 2019, we invite you to consider partnering with Fast Track Marketing. Our team can help your practice grow not only in revenue but also patient satisfaction. Ophthalmology marketing has been our specialty since 2004. We know the buying cycle of elective surgery patients. We can help you devise the right messaging to speak to them in your marketing materials as well as when you are talking to them face-to-face in your office or even on the phones. We have the tools and experience to implement the right marketing methods and sales training for your unique practice. Contact Brandi Musgrave at 303-731-2634 (Call or text) or to start the conversation.