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How One Client Grew Their Practice by Capitalizing on Digital Marketing & More

Several years ago, a LASIK and cataract surgery practice in Rapid City, South Dakota, began realizing that their traditional advertising channels were not producing the quality and quantity of leads they desired. With guidance from the Fast Track team, the practice devised a plan to move away from traditional radio advertising in favor of digital marketing and community outreach methods.

The practice now implements these plans in their mid-sized market:

  • Grassroots marketing: The practice reaches out specifically to healthcare workers, first responders, education professionals and more to offer reduced rates for LASIK
  • Pay-per-click ads: Campaigns run online to promote LASIK to targeted online users
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO): All online marketing and advertising efforts (website, social media sites, etc.) contain specific keywords and phrases to boost their online presence
  • Focus on converting leads-to-consultations: Special staff training sessions are frequently held to increase the staff’s sales skills to ultimately convert more surgeries

As a result of these efforts, the practice has been able to strengthen their online and local presence to sustain and exceed surgical revenue goals. One of the keys of success was getting a full staff buy-in to capitalize on all incoming leads.

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