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Making Sense of Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Part 1

As if running a business was not hard enough, now you have to learn the meanings behind a bunch of odd internet terms! You have probably heard of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising…and you may even put some of your marketing budget toward this worthwhile medium. But do you really know how Clicks and Impressions differ within these types of campaigns?

This blog is here to help you better understand what is involved in PPC advertising.


A click is the number of times someone clicks on your advertising image. With clicks you are measuring an actual action. Clicks re-direct a potential customer to a marketing tool or your website. With a Clicks campaign you also get Impressions but your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) tends to be higher.


An Impression is the number of times your ad is exposed to viewers. With Impressions you can (and do) get Clicks, but your marketing dollars spent are optimized for Impressions. So when you do get Clicks it tends be for a significantly less CPC.

PPC Strategy

Even if you know the definition of Clicks and Impressions, you still need a solid strategy to make PPC advertising effective. So how do you know when to target for Clicks or Impressions?

Unfortunately, PPC is not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. There is no single strategy to fit every elective surgery practice. You must look at your own unique goals, platform types (Google, Facebook, etc.) and other factors to determine which strategy is the better option. There are strategy templates, but these must still be molded to fit your unique practice.

Watch for another blog later this month that will discuss a Fast Track Marketing study on the efficiency of optimizing Clicks vs. Impressions for an elective surgery vertical.

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