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Make Your Website a Gateway to More Physician Referrals

Your website is undoubtedly one of your main lead generation sources. Many elective surgery practices view their websites as simply an educational tool to inform potential patients about their services and doctors.

However, your website can also be used to build stronger relationships with referring doctors…to create a stronger external network. Our Physician Referral Portal has proved effective for many clients, helping them automate and simplify the referral process via their websites.

For just a small investment, you could have an automated physician referral system up and running on your website within weeks. It’s easy on other doctors and even easier on your internal staff.

Benefits of Building External Networks

When you have strong external networks in place, you will experience these benefits:

  • Your growth potential increases. The more your practice is viewed as the “go to” for your speciality, the more patients will be referred to your practice. And as you know, patients often trust their own doctors’ referrals over any other referral source.
  • The network feeds itself. Once you build the external networks, they can be an easy source of patients with routine maintenance.
  • Cost effectiveness. Some practices view physician referrals as virtually “free.” Of course there is maintenance involved in receiving and processing referrals, but the overall lead cost can be minimal.

Positive Patient Experiences Strengthen the Networks

With every phone call, website visit, office visit and procedure, you must provide a quality patient experience…especially patients that are referred to your practice from their primary doctor.

Why? These patients are going to return to their primary doctor with a report on their experience. If that report is negative it can have a two-pronged result:

  1. The referring doctor will be hesitant to refer future patients to you
  2. The referred patient may not maintain his relationship with his primary doctor (because he trusted that the referral would provide the best results)

If your practice is not using your website as a referral source, contact us to learn how adding one link to your website can allow you to harness the power of our Physician Referral Portal. We’ll do all of the back-end work while you reap the benefits.

Contact Brandi Musgrave at 303-447-9192 or to learn more about our Physician Referral Portal.