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Looking For More Patients? You May Be Sitting On Them!

Well, not literally sitting on them but it is about the same thing.  These are leads already in your possession.

While there are undoubtedly tens of thousands of potential patients beyond your front door, some of your hottest prospects are already sitting right there in your prospect database, being overlooked every day.

Many practices small and large have valuable contact details scattered over several databases that are under utilized or in some cases not utilized at all. These can include:

  • Past patients 
  • Satisfied patients who would spread the word about your expertise if they could do so easily
  • No-shows for Consults (or even surgeries) – many of these simply got cold feet due to not enough education or bad timing
  • Families whose once youthful members are now moving into acceptable age brackets for your procedure.  Or, perhaps it’s younger patients who have older siblings or parents that are candidates for your procedures.

Most of these forgotten people have navigated through the most important obstacle to choosing an elective surgery center – confidence in the surgeon and staff. Yet these people might be sitting neglected in boxes or buried in folders on several computers, wondering where they should go for their procedure.

Getting these valuable assets back into play takes:

  • Finding and organizing them
  • Help to overcome the obstacles that we know they have (finances, fear, scheduling, etc)
  • Continuing to communicate to them so as to build confidence in the procedure
  • Make it easy to schedule

So, how do you do all that?  Your staff, most likely, is already over-worked.  We know that and we also see the importance of follow up.  Build a follow up protocol that incorporates email and phones.  It takes 3 months to 3 years for most to actually have surgery from the start of their inquiry.  Make sure your practice is the one they think of!

If you need assistance, Fast Track Marketing has a variety of training and conversion tools that have proven successful with practices time and time again.  Schedule today to see what would be best for your practice.