Drip Email Marketing

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Follow-up with Your Prospects with Little Effort

Pain Point

You have a database of prospects, but you do not communicate with these people on a regular basis. Your internal staff does not have the time to reach out to the entire database so the leads go cold.

Our Easy Solution: Marketing Automated Program (MAP)

Most elective surgery prospects begin to research their options well before they are ready to take action. It’s important to nurture these relationships and develop a strong bond with them so they begin to trust your practice as the experts.

Fast Track Marketing makes it easy to do just that with our MAP program. This automated email program contains out-of-the-box, professionally written content for LASIK, cataracts, cosmetics, presbyopia, dry eye, keratoconus, etc. For each specialty, there are a series of emails that are sent out periodically over the course of a year that educate, answer questions and address common obstacles.

Each professionally designed email includes these effective calls to action to help increase conversion rates:

  • 1 self-evaluation
  • Online scheduling tool

Your practice can edit the emails at any time with our easy-to-use format. The system runs effortlessly in the background helping to nurture your leads. Regular email communication will show prospective patients that you are committed to helping them understand their options. Ultimately, this will help them become confident that your practice is the best choice to provide their treatment.

“The automated email follow-up program is great! Once the patient is in there, it is self-driven. The only thing I have to do is to update it which takes approximately a minute per patient. The program definitely saves me time in follow-up, especially for those window shoppers or people who aren’t quite ready for a consult. We know they will come back to us, even if it is years later, because we are consistently in front of them with our emails.

Dana, Tidewater Eye Centers

If you want to take advantage of the leads you have in your database, contact us to find out how our MAP program can make your marketing easier.