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Last Chance for “Habits” Webinar

Smoking…road rage…fingernail chewing…
…these are obvious bad habits, but can you recognize subtle bad habits in your elective surgery practice? If you don’t make a deliberate effort to audit your processes, you may never even be aware that some of your habits are negatively affecting your practice’s growth potential.
Examples of Bad Habits You May Need to Break
  • Your staff may have bad habits that are turning off potential patients: Difficult personalities, inability to effectively convert patients, etc.
  • Your online presence may be suffering because of neglect: Inefficient website, negative online reviews, etc.
  • Your patient flow may be failing to convince people to schedule surgery: Lack of follow-up, uninviting office space, etc.
Successful elective surgery practices take time to slow down, analyze their personnel and processes, identify problem areas and make changes…then do it all over again. There are 7 habits that these successful practices excel at that allow them to rise above their competition. It’s not all about throwing a bunch of money at the problem; it’s about making smart use of your time, money and energy to create a positive patient experience that make patients want to choose you. This starts well before a patient enters your doors and ends long after they have had a successful procedure with your practice.

Register today for the 30-minute medical marketing webinar, “7 Good Habits to Hard-Wire into Your Elective Surgery Practice,” on  Sept. 24 at 3:00pm EDT.