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Improve Phone Skills, Increase Consults & Surgeries

Every phone call coming into – and going out of – your practice is a sales opportunity. However, not every person you speak to on the phone is 100% ready to:

  • Schedule a consultation
  • Jump on your elective surgery bandwagon
  • Believe everything about your practice they have heard from friends or read online

It’s your staff’s job to quickly assess where the caller is on their “educational journey” with your medical specialty, provide the right information and gather appropriate information for follow-up…all without being pushy and without seeing that person face-to-face. In personal interactions, it’s often easier to gauge how a person is responding to the information you are providing. Body language, eye contact and facial expressions can provide insight to show that a potential patient is uncomfortable with the whole idea of a certain procedure, is untrusting of your surgeon or needs the support of another person before he can make a concrete decision. It’s also mucheasier for a person to end an interaction with your practice on the phone.

Selling your elective surgery offerings on the phone takes finesse mixed with solid knowledge to effectively encourage callers to take the next step. There are specific techniques to make phone sales more effective and increase your consults and surgeries. Learn 6 steps to effective surgery phone sales in our next 30-minute medical marketing webinar.

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