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The Most Important 5 Seconds

Five seconds that can mean a flow of patients into your practice – or an empty reception.

These five seconds take place virtually anywhere outside of your office that your prospects have access online.  This could be at home on their tablet or computer or on the bus commuting to work on their smartphone.

Five seconds is the time the average person pauses at a web page before moving on.

Test this yourself next time you do a search.

Here are the major pitfalls with internet marketing for elective surgery:

  • Can’t find the website – this is due to poor Search Engine Optimization
  • Good ranking in the Organic Search area but not shown in the top or the map section
  • Website once found repels attention due to poor physical design
  • Website looks so much like every other website you’re basically advertising for the competition
  • Website refuses to answer vital patient questions up front – this can be an overly technical barrage of information
  • The Me-Me-Me Website – only talks about YOU not what the patient most needs and wants to find out about
  • Website offers no low-risk options to encourage the visitor to navigate deeper.

Commit any of these errors, and even though you might be exactly the right surgeon for that patient, five seconds later your visitor has moved on.

Your website can and should be producing at least 30% of a vigorous flow of prospective patients.  Analyze your leads coming in.  See how many are coming from your website.  If 30% aren’t coming from your website, your site should be analyzed to determine what changes should be done.

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