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How One Practice Increased Physician Referrals

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado (ECNC) had been successfully using their website as a main lead generation source. The site was (and still is) full of educational information to inform patients about their services and doctors. After consulting with Fast Track Marketing about ways to build stronger relationships with referring doctors, we introduced them to a new way to utilize their website: the Physician Referral Portal.

A Physician Referral Center link was added to their existing website design, which allows referring doctors’ offices to log in and upload patient information in a secure cloud database. This online resource has allowed ECNC to automate and simplify their physician referral process via their website.

As a result, ECNC has strengthened their external network, resulting in increased referral leads. This external network actually feeds itself because ECNC has established the practice as a reliable source for referring doctors. This has become a cost-effective way to generate more quality leads into their practice.

Everyone wins with this product in place:

  • ECNC’s patients appreciate the speed at which referrals are processed
  • Referring doctors appreciate being able to track their patients’ progress at ECNC at any time via the Portal
  • ECNC receives a steady flow of high-quality leads
  • The Portal allows the staff on both sides of the process to focus on patient care, rather than time-consuming faxing, phone calling and emailing of referrals

If your practice is not using your website as a referral source, contact us to learn how adding one link to your website can allow you to harness the power of our Physician Referral Portal. We’ll do all of the back-end work while you reap the benefits. Contact Brandi Musgrave at 303-447-9192 or