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How to Make Your Physician Referrals Skyrocket

You know – and your patients know – that not every physician can provide every type of medical service. Patients appreciate and trust their physicians to give them trustworthy referrals for specialized services.

If your practice specializes in elective procedures or advanced treatments, these physician referrals will be some of the most qualified leads you will ever receive. Unfortunately, there are many practices that do not make strong efforts to build powerful referring doctor relationships.

Establishing your practice as the expert – and the obvious choice for referrals – is only half of the process. Yes, you must spend time proving to referring doctors that your practice has the physician expertise and high success rates to warrant sending their patients to you.

But you must also make an effort to simplify the referral process.

The traditional referral process can be time-consuming and cumbersome to manage – both for your own internal staff as well as the referring doctor. In fact, your staff may even dread processing these high quality lead referrals.

Automation to the Rescue

Luckily, the days of faxing referrals and making long tedious phone calls are over. You can now automate your physician referral system and make it easy for other doctors to send their patients to you. In fact, it can be easier than you think.

At Fast Track Marketing we have developed a Physician Referral Portal to simplify the process of getting referrals and make interacting with referring physicians and their patients easier than ever before. By clicking on a secure link on your website, referring doctors can access the proper forms quickly and easily.

Benefits of Referral Automation

  • Referral information is immediately emailed to your office
  • Referred patients receive an automated email from your office
  • All physician and patient information and completed forms are stored in a secure administration back-end and available to you
  • Easy way to consistently communicate with your referring physicians

As a bonus, the referral network is strengthened, patients are happier and your practice enjoys more referral dollars.

It’s time to automate your referral process. To learn more about our Physician Referral Portal, contact Brandi Musgrave at 303-447-9192 or