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Help Potential Patients Overcome their Objections to Elective Surgery


These are some of the major “objections” that keep potential patients from making the leap toward elective surgery. Regardless of your specialty (LASIK, plastic surgery, etc.), most people have the same emotional and financial roadblocks to overcome.

There are specific medical marketing techniques you can employ to break through these obstacles – even if potential patients aren’t fully aware that is what is holding them back. You have the power to be proactive. “Object” to their objections before they have a chance to object!

By giving your staff the sales tools to effectively navigate the delicate concerns that patients have – without coming off as pushy or aggressive – your practice will see an increase in surgeries.

If you work in an elective surgery practice, you are not only in the medical field…you are also in the education field.

Whether you are a surgeon, a physician’s assistant or office support staff, patients rely on you for education. They want reassurance that making the decision for elective surgery is the right choice.

It’s natural to have doubts and concerns about elective surgery, especially when there are so many doctors making the same claims. You need to set the bar higher than your competition by introducing patients to substantiated information about your practice that will squash common patient objections. Tell them what they don’t know they need to know.

You need to stand out.

Take a look at your elective surgery website. Could you easily switch out your competitor’s name and find the information remains valid?

Listen in on a phone call in your office. Does your staff know how to effectively help potential patients get the information they need without coming off as too assertive?

When patients come in for consultations and throw up “red flags” (objections), does your staff know how to navigate those obstacles and provide solid data to help them see you are the best option?

Every elective surgery practice thinks they are the best option, the most unique. But until you really differentiate your practice to potential patients, you will be indistinguishable from the rest.

It’s easy to suffer from Information Overload when researching complicated services like elective surgery. The internet, radio, television and magazines all compete to provide sometimes conflicting information. It’s no wonder that some potential patients simply give up under the guise of common surgery objections.

As an elective surgery practice, it’s your job to help patients break through the clutter and the unsubstantiated claims to get to the heart of their concerns. You cannot do this by simply spieling off platitudes like:

  • We’re the most experienced!”
  • “I’m the best doctor around!”
  • “We have the safest procedure.”
  • “We have the most satisfied patients.”

You’ve got to give solid data to back up your claims. The more detailed you can be about all aspects of your practice, the better chance you have at helping patients overcome their objections and schedule surgery.

It’s easy to become so entrenched in your specialty that you forget the reasons why patients put elective surgery on the back burner.  Be the reason that prospects choose you.

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