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Is Your Google AdWords and SEO Marketing Falling Flat?

If you answer Yes to this question, you are not alone. Many companies make attempts at these marketing efforts but see dismal results. The trick is to have an attractive call-to-action that not only makes people want to take a step with your company but also sets you apart from your competitors’ ads. This may sound simple, but it often requires an experienced outsider to give the right recommendation for success.

In 2017, a Colorado IT services company, B-Comp Services, was having poor results from their own Google AdWords and SEO marketing efforts. As smart business owners, they realized that these marketing tactics were very important to the success of their company, so they started researching other firms to help improve their efforts.

They chose Fast Track Marketing.

“We have tried many AdWords and SEO marketing firms – none of which have been able to provide the type of results we were looking for. After just one month of service [with Fast Track Marketing] we had more leads than we did after 6 months of service with our previous firm. Great work!”


What Fast Track Marketing Has Provided

After analyzing their strategies, the experienced team at Fast Track Marketing recommended the following:

Google AdWords

  • Ads targeting the most profitable product offerings
  • Creation of a strong landing page with low-risk calls-to-action

SEO Marketing

  • 2 keyword-rich blogs each month written by the Fast Track staff and posted on the B-Comp website
  • Optimization of Local Business Listings
  • Enhanced meta descriptions and meta keyword tags


B-Comp Services improved from 1 to 2 leads per quarter to 6 qualified leads in the first month.


If you would like to boost your revenue through effective marketing strategies – ones that have been proven time and again – contact the experts at Fast Track Marketing: (303) 731-2634 or Our team can help you boost AdWords and improve your SEO marketing.