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Easy Way to Boost and Control Your Online Reputation

Benjamin Franklin once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Today, that statement couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to managing your business’ online reputation. Your business’ online presence extends well beyond your website and Facebook page. The online reputation of your business reflects how the public perceives every single aspect of your company – from your website to your phones to your physical space:

  • Helpfulness and friendliness of your employees
  • Quality of your products
  • Effectiveness of the services you provide
  • Condition of your offices or stores
  • Professionalism of your website
  • Competence of your customer service

What outside perception does the public have and then share online about your business? Are others greeted with 5-star reviews and glowing recommendations? Or are they instantly turned off by low ratings and bashings?

Customer Reviews Flood the Internet

Anyone can post a review of your business at any time – in literally hundreds of different locations on the internet. The importance of keeping tabs of online reviews by your customers should not be overlooked. It has been reported that 92% of consumers read online reviews. When they read negative reviews, potential new customers tend to take those to heart. Studies have shown that 94% of people admit that an online review has convinced them to avoid a business.

If you aren’t aware of what’s being said about your business online at all times, your lead flow and/or amount of customers to your doors will suffer. The power of your online reputation is that strong.

Monitoring the internet every day and responding to reviews can be done in-house if your business has a sufficient amount of trained staff to do the job. However, this ongoing process can be time-consuming and even complicated at times. Often it is better to outsource. Now there is an easy and affordable way to do just that.

Introducing the Reputation Ramp Up Program

Fast Track Marketing has put together a robust reputation management program called Reputation Ramp Up to help businesses as well as medical practices manage their online reputations, grow their positive feedback and squash any negative comments. For medical practices, this program is fully HIPAA compliant. This is where that prevention part mentioned above comes in. By staying proactive with your online reputation, you will have to do less scrambling to make things right down the road when that inevitable negative review pops up. This program includes the following preventative services:

  • Review Monitoring & Management. We monitor 200+ review sites (yes, there are that many!) and provide timely responses to all positive reviews and coach you on the right way to respond to the negative ones.
  • Review Marketing. Our team has the tools to help your business auto-post the best reviews to your website, custom review microsite and social media pages. This will improve your search engine optimization (SEO) so you will ultimately rank higher on Google searches for your keywords. You want to do everything possible to keep your website on page 1 of online searches. Some studies have revealed that 75% of web surfers never click past page 1 of search results.
  • Review Generation. Our software programs can help your business generate new reviews through automatic emails and text messages.

Cost for Online Reputation Monitoring

The cost for online reputation monitoring services can vary greatly. The Fast Track Marketing Reputation Ramp Up program is a very affordable way for businesses of all sizes to boost and control their online reputation – while also making it as easy as possible.

  • Setup: $600 for up to 3 locations; additional locations $200 each
  • Monthly Fee: $200 per location

Including online reputation strategies into your marketing budget will ultimately help grow your business. This small investment will help you be fully aware of any internet chat about your business so you can respond quickly. More importantly, it will help your business stay virtually proactive.

It’s time to get your online reputation under control! Contact the experts at Fast Track Marketing today to get started. Call (303) 731-2634 or send an email to