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Convert More of Your Website “Window Shoppers” Into Patients

If every one of your website visitors converted into a patient, you’d never be able to leave the office. We admit it’s unrealistic to expect every person who visits your site to instantly fall in love with your practice and schedule a procedure.

However, chances are you have room for improvement when it comes to enticing your website “window shoppers” to request more information from you.  Roughly 90% of website visitors are NOT ready to call your practice so you must employ other ways to engage them.

We’ve identified four main website components that can spur your visitors into action. They are interactive, fun, informative and enticing.

  1. Calls To Action (CTA’s)
  2. Content written for the average individual, not too technical
  3. Easy Navigation
  4. Crisp, Clear Pictures and/or Video

Each one of these seriously impact the effectiveness of your website and increase the amount of quality website leads.  All of these parts should have a prominent place on your Home Page because no one is going to dig deep in your website to find them.  How a webpage is laid out and the components that are embedded on that webpage can make or break your practice.

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