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Client Success Story: How Online Radio Resulted in a 62% Lead Increase

If you are currently mapping out your media buy strategies for 2016, we recommend that you consider online radio. At Fast Track we are continuing to see great results with Pandora radio.

One of our clients based in California has been using Pandora as their primary source of lead generation. Located in a highly-competitive market outside of Los Angeles, the vision practice was looking for a way to boost their numbers. We created an alternative for traditional media through the use of Pandora spots. Our team designs the concepts of the audio spots and corresponding display banner images and makes the media buys.

In a year-over-year comparison of the same time period, the client has seen a:

  • 62% increase in leads
  • 36% increase in consults performed
  • 49% increase in surgeries scheduled

Pandora has over 80 million monthly unique visitors. Unlike radio that blasts the same message to a huge audience, Pandora messages can be targeted by a wide range of criteria and over 300 audience segments such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Geographic location
  • Interests
  • Music style

The great news is that Pandora advertising can be more affordable than you think! Fast Track Marketing can help your practice incorporate Pandora advertising into your 2016 strategies. Contact Brandi Musgrave to start the discussion: 303-447-9192