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Case Study: Sales Training

“I am bombarded with ‘opportunities’ to grow our practice, get more leads, convert more patients. If I listened to them all I would never be able to execute as a LASIK Coordinator and Marketing Director at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists in Charlotte, NC.

But something caught my eye with emails from Brandi [Musgrave] at FastTrack Marketing. I decide to get on one of her webinars. Like any good business development manager she followed up after the webinar and asked if she could discuss services offered by Fast Track Marketing.

I was pretty convinced that she had nothing to offer me; I already have two marketing agencies that I am happy with and we have an extremely successful practice. What could Fast Track offer me that I had not already heard?

The one area where I felt we may be struggling was in-office conversion from consultation-to-surgery. I was getting the feeling that we were working very hard but we could actually work smarter.

Fast Track’s onsite consultative services seemed like they could be a good fit. It also brought the added benefit of bringing in an objective opinion. As a ‘family’ run practice we can sometime get too close to the situation.

Additionally, even though I have 20 years of marketing I can still potentially be perceived as ‘the doctor’s wife,’ which I am. I had a gut feeling that bringing in Fast Track was the right decision. We had very little to lose and a lot to gain.

I am happy to say I was right! The two days that Cuinn [Merrigan] spent with our office gave our team new tools to use when talking (converting) patients. He helped our team practice their new skills in a safe environment and build their confidence. And as a surprising added bonus it gave our team members a platform to brainstorm about what was working well and what items could be improved in our office.

Cuinn provided concrete tools that we put into action before he even left town. He challenged our team members to try new techniques when explaining LASIK, pricing, technology and how to handle objections.

Bottom line is having Fast Track Marketing visit our practice improved our bottom line! We felt our time and money was so well spent and the conversations, role playing, and team work was so good that we plan to have Cuinn come back to visit our office again.”

Thank you Brandi, Cuinn & Fast Track Marketing.

Kristen Mozayeni

LASIK Coordinator and Marketing Director

Providence Eye & Laser Specialists in Charlotte, NC

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