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7 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition

As an elective surgery provider, you are faced with the challenge of differentiating your practice from the dozens of seemingly similar practices in your area. We have uncovered 7 reasons why some practices are more successful than others…and it’snot just a bigger marketing budget.

YOU know that your practice has the best doctors, hires the most competent staff and uses the best technologies. But the average person considering your elective surgery does not. Every piece of information you supply to help potential patients decide to spend their hard-earned money on an elective procedure…and the manner in which you supply it…is up for scrutiny. You will be measured against every other competitor in your market, and you have to shine in every aspect if you want to win.

Our next medical marketing webinar will focus on 7 habits you should hard-wire within your own practice to help you excel at the patient experience, drive more traffic to your door and convert more consults to procedures. Even if you are already implementing some of these tips, there is almost always room for improvement. And it is always a good idea to frequently audit your processes to ensure you are presenting your practice in the best light possible in every touch point with patients…

  • Phone
  • Website
  • Social media sites
  • Online review sites
  • Marketing collateral
  • Emails
  • Office space
  • In person…

…not just once, but every single time, for as long as it takes the prospect to decide to pursue elective surgery with you.

Maintaining the status quo in your practice is a certain way to fail. Let us help you step outside the box and learn new ways to approach marketing your practice.

Register today for the 30-minute webinar, “7 Good Habits to Hard-Wire into Your Elective Surgery Practice,” on Sept. 19 at 1:00pm EDT or Sept. 24 at 3:00pm EDT.