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7 Customer Service Tips for 2016

Time flies! We’re already a month into 2016: Have you implemented any improvements internally to make your patient experience the very best it can be? If your New Year’s Resolution was to enhance your customer service (if it wasn’t, it should be), we have 7 tips that you can start implementing right now:

  1. Anticipate patient obstacles: Elective surgery patients are a unique breed. It’s not necessary that they have your procedures, it’s a luxury. With that said, they will put up all sorts of barriers to proceeding with you (fear, cost, etc.). If your staff is prepared to discuss those obstacles before they are brought to the surface, you may be able to help your patients see the life-changing benefits of moving forward.
  2. Break bad habits: It’s easy to fall into bad habits like allowing patients to get stuck in phone trees, keeping staff members who are detrimental to your office philosophy, forgetting to cross-sell services, neglecting your website maintenance, etc. Sometimes it takes a neutral, outside party to assess your practice and make recommendations for improvements.
  3. Communicate regularly: Never leave a patient in the dark about what’s coming next. This applies from the moment they initially contact your practice and extends into their office visits. They want to feel as though their questions are answered (even before they ask them!) and they have been given a full understanding of their options. Appointment reminders and follow-up emails or phone calls will also help strengthen your patient/practice relationship.
  4. Be on time: Nothing is worse than having to wait for a scheduled medical appointment. Plan your schedule to allow wiggle room if appointments run long. If patients do have to wait, keep them updated on the status of the appointment and make them as comfortable as possible by offering beverages, entertainment, free Wi-Fi, etc.
  5. Break the mold: Patients probably expect your office to feel like a sterile, cold environment. Medical appointments aren’t supposed to be spa-like, right? Not for elective surgery! Invest a little to make your office a place that is inviting, comfortable and enjoyable.
  6. Be consistent: Great customer service must be offered every single day in your office, regardless of how stressful your day has been.
  7. Ask for feedback: You may think you are providing a great experience every day, but the only way to know for sure is to ask your patients for constructive criticism. Use online surveys, email communication or in-office surveys to find out what you’re doing right and where you could improve.

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