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48% of Website Visitors Should Be Taking Some Action On Your Website…Are They?

Research concludes that over 2/3 of people research online before they buy.  This includes those interested in elective procedures.

Take these 3 specific actions to ensure they choose your website:

  1. Be in the Top 4 in the organic search results on major search engines.
  2. Advertise in the top Pay-Per-Click section and on Social Media.
  3. Your advertisement needs to resonate with prospects so they choose your site to visit.

Now, you’ve gotten them to your website.  That’s only half the issue with lead generation.  Does your website have what it takes to capture them?

Your website should:

  1. Engage the prospect to read further.
  2. Educate them on what they want to know.
  3. Entice them to take a next step.
  4. Offer 2-3 Next Steps that help people at different areas of the buying process.

Evaluate your website and how people can find you.  If you need help, give us a call (303-731-2634).  We offer a free evaluation and will provide you with specific actions to remedy your situation.