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What Makes a Web Form HIPAA Compliant?

A strong customer base is built on a foundation of trust, and there’s no time more critical to establishing trust than when sensitive health information is involved. In today’s internet-driven commerce and with the advent of digitalized healthcare, patients are often asked to share sensitive health information online for ease and portability. Webform security is a constantly evolving field, but when it comes to data security, HIPAA compliance is an absolute must. What makes a webform HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law in 1996 to protect sensitive personal health data from being shared without knowledge or prior consent from the patient. Health care that is conducted electronically is covered by the act, which also grants patients access to their health records, and a record of who else has been granted access to the information.

As a health care business, you are required to ensure that any record keeping done electronically is HIPAA compliant. Often, this means web forms used to enter health information into a database during visits or to collect health history from patients that are shared with your business.

The most important step to ensuring your web forms are HIPAA compliant is by encrypting them. HIPAA compliant web forms are submitted through a securely encrypted server as they pass from customer to business or are entered into an internal system. Encryption acts like a lock and key for data transfer, preventing an unapproved party from intercepting and having access to the data.

HIPAA compliance can seem complicated due to the regulations involved, but your web forms don’t have to be. When you partner with Fast Track Marketing, you get straightforward, HIPAA compliant web forms that are automatically encrypted. In addition to creating new HIPAA compliant web forms, Fast Track Marketing can also convert existing web forms to ensure that your patient’s health information is securely stored and protected.

When it comes to sensitive health care information, your patients need to know they can trust you to protect their personal information. Fast Track Marketing can build HIPAA compliant web forms so that you can always guarantee that trust.