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Your Website: Build It And They Will Come

That’s the famous quote from Field of Dreams.  In the movie, they were talking about building a baseball field in the middle of a corn field.  They felt passionately that if you build the field, spectators will come.


What we are talking about here is your website.  It still surprises me when I speak with practices and they feel as if building a website is enough.  That, just by building the site, people will find it (and their practice).  Wrong.

You have to build it right.  Here are the key essentials for an elective surgery website:

  1. Search Engine Optimization – your website must be highly ranked by the major search engines so that it is easily found by prospective patients. This means highly optimized for the search engines AND optimized for the “pay-per-click” area at the top of the search engine pages.
  2. Easy Navigation – your website must contain the important information a visitor is seeking AND that information must be immediately visible. The average visitor will pause for 5 seconds – that’s 5 seconds to prove that further navigation is warranted. If you haven’t made your case in that time there’s no chance for an appeal.
  3. Effectively Written Content – your visitor wants his or her questions answered candidly – not to read platitudes and self-serving statements that are just a turn-off. This is the “Me, me, me!” syndrome and it’s deadly. Content must be informative and motivating and based on known patient concerns.
  4. Call to Action – An effective call to action motivates a visitor to take the next step toward becoming a bona fide elective surgery prospect. An offer of a Free Consult just doesn’t cut it here. There are calls to action that do.

Your website should be producing at least 30% of a healthy flow of new patients.  Analyze your incoming lead referral sources.  If 30% of your leads aren’t coming from your website, let’s talk about how you can optimize your website for conversions.