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Use Your People Skills, Not Marketing Dollars, to Convert More Consultations

You don’t have to have the largest marketing budget of all your competitors to be the most successful elective surgery practice in your area. If you are not achieving the surgery/procedure numbers you desire, you can’t just throw money at the problem and expect that to magically save the day. Sometimes you need to dig deeper and identify those internal and external processes that need to be fixed…processes that might require a little less cash and a little more finesse.

Our next webinar will help you realize that the messages you are putting out into the community MUST match the experiences you are actually providing. If there is a disconnect in what you are touting and what you are actually selling, you won’t be hitting amazing conversion numbers…like the 77% patient conversions that our clients have seen.

We’ll share nine training aspects that every practice should incorporate. When you focus more on your people skills, you will improve your bottom line. We will encourage you to analyze and possibly change your current methods so more dollars walk through your doors…not out.

Register now for “Optimized Consultation Flow: Don’t Let Dollars Walk Out Your Door” on July 29 at 12:00 pm EDT and get on the road to success.