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Case Study

In the spring of 2019, our long time client Skyline Vision Clinic based out of Colorado Springs, CO decided to re brand their LASIK division. Now known as Skyline LASIK, they specialize in high end state of the art refractive surgery procedures. Such as, LASIK, PRK, EVO ICL, CLE. They have a full state of the art laser suite where they conduct thousands of successful refractive surgeries a year.

The new site had to engage and encourage users, with clear call to actions and simple user journeys, for them to take the next step in and schedule consultations for various procedures. One of the design challenges for the platform, was to create something that stood out from their previous brand, but also stayed within their brand guidelines. One of the first things we did was to reverse their main site’s colour scheme, with light text on darker backgrounds to give it a fresh distinctive feel. We then created visual appealing and intuitive custom landing pages that are hosted within the wordpress platform in order to make future edits easy & conversion rates rise.




Colorado Springs, CO


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8000+ unique visitors a month

3k clicks per month

90%+ Conversion Rate

We’ve found Fast Track to be both competent and flexible in developing and implementing our marketing programs. Their lead generation techniques are highly effective and I really like the way they test the various media and track the results to help us get the best value for our advertising dollar. I recommend them highly.

-Dr.Chang Skyline LASIK

Educational Materials // LASIK Ebook

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