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Your Patients Love You. Why Don’t You Have More Of Them?

Dedicated, skilled, hard-working, and committed to improving patients lives.  That’s you, right?  The best choice for anyone considering surgery in your area…

But how does a prospective patient know these things when your marketing makes you look and sound like every other surgeon in the region?

This is the biggest problem any prospective patient hits when searching for the ‘best doctor’ or the ‘best practice’: if they don’t have a friend to make a reliable recommendation they end up having to shop for the best price because they simply cannot tell who’s who in terms of the ‘right’ surgeon.

We both know that you shouldn’t choose a surgeon on price.  But your prospective patients don’t.  It’s a practices’ job to educate.  

Prospective patients need education in these points:

  • Your experience and expertise – in real terms, not platitudes
  • Your knowledge of their specific concerns and how you address them
  • What to really expect when they come to visit you
  • What your past patients say about their experiences

Easy to answer face to face – but how do you cover all these bases before they come into your center?

At Fast Track Marketing, we have been solving this dilemma for our clients for over 12 years.  You have to analyze your practice, your procedure, your technology and your competition to know what truly differentiates you.  Then you follow it up with proper educational materials and methods that positions your surgeons and your practice as the only place one would want to go.

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