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Maybe To Know You Is To Love You, But…

How do your elective surgery patients get to know you if they never come in to meet you?

That’s quite a problem. If your practice is operating below capacity chances are it’s a problem you have yet to solve.

Prospective patients are apprehensive about surgery, with valid fears and concerns they need answered. They want to feel they know the surgeon, that he or she is the ‘right fit’ and will treat them as an individual, not just a number. How is all this accomplished before they come in?

The answer is an education.  You need to educate prospective patients on what they should know.

If you don’t educate on the key elements they should know to choose a surgeon or practice, they will choose their surgeon based on price.  We all know price is not the ONLY reason to choose a practice. However, a prospective patient doesn’t have any other way to differentiate one practice from another.

So, how do you properly deliver this education and where?

Now, your website should be a great resource for patients and prospective patients alike.  But, you should go beyond your website.  Create educational e-books for patients to learn everything they need to know.  Post educational tidbits that overcome objections on your social media and blogs.  Train your phone and sales counselors to properly educate and overcome objections instead of just answering questions.  And finally, develop an automated drip email campaign for those prospective patients so that your practice is top of mind for when they decide they are ready to come in for a consult.

Be the trusted resource.  Become someone with whom they bond, create a relationship, with.  Do that and you will have won the game.