Training & Staff Support

Over the years Fast Track has observed practices that have very high consultation-to-surgery conversion rates (above 80%) and many others with far lower success rates. We have identified the common denominators of the successful practices and now provide a service to help clients achieve high conversion rates.

We start by observing the patient flow and consultation techniques your practice currently uses. We identify the areas that can be improved and then propose/implement changes. This is a free service provided to all full service clients.

Sales Management

Effective selling skills and sales techniques are often foreign to personnel within a medical practice, but having this knowledge is vital when selling in the highly competitive market of elective surgery. Fast Track’s experienced sales trainers have learned the successful actions used by elective surgery coordinators with high consult conversion rates. We teach these techniques to coordinators through both on-site and webinar-based sales training sessions that cover:

  • Inbound and outbound telephone sales
  • How to handle live consultations
  • How to break through hidden objections
  • Real-life situations

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