Informational Booklets: PPPs and eBooks

The Pre-Positioning Pack (PPP) is an extensive printed booklet that goes into more detail about LASIK, cataracts, plastic surgery or any topic that is important for your practice. Brochures and flyers are good tools to provide a snippet of information, but our PPP extends that information in an easy-to-read booklet which covers information such as:

    • Benefits of the procedure
    • How the procedure is performed
    • Technology used
    • What to expect after the procedure
    • Cost and financing
    • Why choose your practice
    • And more

PPP Benefits

  • Persuasive copy differentiates your practice and preemptively positions you as superior to your competitors
  • Allows you to WOW your prospects, show them you care and educate them – all in one piece
  • Engages prospects with education about your technology, doctor credentials and patient success stories
  • Minimizes consultation “no shows”
  • Establishes price conditioning and justification
  • Helps prospects sell their family or friends on your specialty

Take Your PPP Electronic

It may not always be cost-effective to provide people with a printed booklet. However, you can still provide the same information by transforming your PPP into an online eBook to:

  • Add to your website
  • Send as a free gift
  • Send out via email
  • Add to newsletters
  • Showcase on social media

With full-color graphics and an attractive design, the eBook is yet another tool to help prospective patients learn more about your services. Prospects will actually be able to “flip” through the pages online and view the information as if they had it in hand.

eBook Benefits

Going electronic with your materials allow you to:

  • Create any number of procedure-specific or general information brochures, depending on your needs
  • Provide as much detailed information as possible in one comprehensive format
  • Incorporate a plethora of eye-catching photos in full color
  • Provide before-and- after photos, if applicable
  • Eliminate the cost of direct mailing brochures to potential patients
  • Send the electronic materials easily in automated follow-up emails
  • Show that your practice is committed to going “green”

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