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How to Reach Your Prospects

Investigators NEED Education!  Provide them with what they want and they will choose you when they are ready.

What do you know about your prospective patients?  We know that the investigators think about elective surgery for 3-5 years. Now the question is, “How do I reach the investigator?”

There are proven techniques for reaching this group which include offering the promise of more education. Effective communication of this message must be based on patient interviews and surveys to identify the right combination of fears, concerns and competitive points in your specific marketplace.

Offering more education through informational materials and referring people to a well-designed website will not only increase the rate of response but also accelerate the patient’s pace across the educational spectrum and into the “now buyer” zone. The interesting part of this is that by continuing to communicate with these prospects, you are actually building a degree of loyalty because you have taken the time to show interest in them and their concerns.

Accomplish more than pandering to uninformed “Price Shoppers”.

The majority of patients who are shopping for ‘the best price’ are really saying that they do not know enough about the your procedure to recognize that price should not be their primary determining factor.

They are unable to differentiate one practice as being any better, different, or any worse than any other practice. Therefore they resort to price as their only way to differentiate and make a choice.

Remember, these price shoppers represent the minority of available prospects. Catching the majority of people before they reach the green zone on the spectrum where they become Now Buyers, gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Educate the patient on the complexities and risks associated with refractive surgery.
  2. Build a relationship by addressing and calming their concerns.
  3. Establish the credibility and trust necessary for them to select you over any others.

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