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Growth From Inception: One practice’s success

In February 2017, Fast Track Marketing was contracted by a doctor outside Orlando, FL. He was splitting from a group practice and needed a fresh start. New practice, new website, new staff (for the most part), no infrastructure and no patients to start with. The practice would have two locations and primarily serve general eye care, glaucoma treatments and cataract surgery. What this doctor needed was a new digital and practice presence in their marketplace.

Our first task was to create their digital presence with a focus on speed so as to not impair his practice opening. They wanted to be first to market their new practice before their ex-partners established their presence.

We started with a responsive website, which was live within two weeks of placing the order. In addition to the website, we created both Google My Business listings, worked with aggregators to set up additional digital listings, set up social media platforms and established a competititve AdWords budget.

Additionally, we incorporated targeted email marketing campaigns. This allowed the practice to deliver a targeted message to 50,000 potential patients each and every month. The email results are pretty compelling:

  • Average Open Rate: 25%
  • Average Website Visitors per send: 750
  • Average Time Spent on Site: 5 minutes

The practice had patients in their door from Day One, even though they didn’t have a previous patient database to work with.

Our next focus was to generate engagement through the variety of digital channels we had developed. Immediately, we started blogging and working on website SEO optimization weekly. Within two months we had established top rankings in their specific markets.

With the assistance of the practice, we ran focused in-house social media giveaway campaigns utilizing prizes given to the practice by optical distributors. Through co-marketing, we immediately had an influx of fans.

A review generation program was implemented to showcase the results and therefore happy patients that this practice was producing. Through training and program implementation, we were able to garner over forty new reviews in a little over a year.

The practice continued to grow both digitally and in-office. Here is a look at their growth in website visitors over the first year, where they had a 66% increase.

A little over 2 years later, they are still going strong. They continue to send out targeted email messages to 50,000 prospects monthly, compete online with social, SEO, LBL and Google AdWords. Recently, we have revamped their website for a 2nd time and all their patient educational material to meet their ever-growing needs.

See what the practice has to say:

I would have never thought our practice could benefit from a targeted email campaign since we have an older practice demographic, but I was sure wrong!

These campaigns have proven to be one of our best, and most measurable tools we have used to help gain awareness and attract new visitors to our website and social media.

We now use targeted emails as part of our regular, ongoing marketing plan.

Thanks Fast-Track for pushing us a little beyond our comfort zone to achieve great results!

Sharon Drake, Administrator – Pennachio Eye

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